Christmas Lights On Home

A Guide for Home Holiday Safety

The Gay family set the Guinness World Record for "Most Lights on a Residential Property" in 2014. They placed 601,736 lights set to over 200 songs around their home to create a light show for the ages.

Every year, thousands of communities decorate their neighborhoods to help get the town in the holiday spirit. Unfortunately, it isn't uncommon for fires to start from electrical malfunctions.

No matter which ones you celebrate, it's important you know how to stay safe during the holidays. In this guide, we'll give you our best holiday safety tips.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about winter safety.

Tips for Christmas Decorations

Decorating your house for Christmas is a magical tradition that can't be beaten. With some decorations like lights and trees, there are a few common hazards you'll want to be aware of to ensure a safe holiday season.

Christmas trees are very flammable. It's important to choose one with fresh, green needles that don't fall when touched and to water it often. If you opt for an artificial tree, make sure it is labeled "fire-resistant."

Additionally, you'll want to place your tree at least 3 feet away from heat sources like radiators, fireplaces, heat vents, stovetops, candles...etc.

When it comes to Christmas lights, inspect them for cracked sockets, frayed wires, and loose connections. Don't inspect or adjust them while they are plugged into an outlet.

It's best to plug your strings together then hang them all at once. Hanging the lights on the tree while connecting them opens you up for electrocution hazards. Also, don't let bulbs rest on the needles, use ties to hold them upright.

The LED lights used in Christmas decorations aren't meant to be on for long periods. To limit the risk of fire before bed or leaving the house, make sure to power down all light displays. This also helps with the electricity bill.

In the event of electrocution, turn off the source of electricity as soon as possible. If it can't be turned off, move the source out of the way with a nonconducting object like a piece of wood, cardboard, or plastic.

It's recommended not to move a person recently electrocuted. Call the proper authorities, and perform any emergency life-saving services like CPR as needed.

Fire Safety Tips for Hanukkah 

Lighting the menorah is one of many traditions to celebrate the Festival of Lights. To have a safe lighting this year, always check that there is at least one adult present around a lit menorah and that it is never left unattended.

Fires start quickly and spread even faster. To reduce the risk, it's wise to place your menorah on a stable surface away from curtains, books, and other flammable materials.

When fires do occur, having a plan for handling the situation safely and efficiently will go a long way. Make sure that everyone knows and understands the emergency plan and what to do in the event of a fire. Have a fire extinguisher nearby and properly labeled emergency exits.

Your Complete Guide to Home Holiday Safety 

One of the key ingredients of a great holiday season is safety. Use our holiday safety tips to prepare your home for an epic Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, or Christmas showcase of true holiday spirit.

Remember, while prevention is one part of safety, so is having a plan for when things go south. For more information about professional restoration services, contact us— we'll get your home back into shape in no time!