Fire Remediation

house on fire


Whether a room in your home has experienced smoke damage … or you have unwanted water due to sprinklers going off and/or the efforts of the fire department … or a whole-building fire has caused more significant, widespread repercussions, you need the expertise of a trusted, professional fire remediation expert. 


Our Team

Our trained technicians begin with a thorough onsite assessment. They’ll go through the entire structure to determine which areas have been impacted.  Smoke tends to have a very corrosive nature, and can break down circuitry (light fixtures, switches, appliances) over time, even if their impact isn’t readily apparent.  Our team members know how to look for that type of infiltration. They will also advise which structural and decorative items in the home will require removal if deemed salvageable.

Frequently, this will include building materials such as drywall, cabinets, flooring, shower surrounds, dishwashers, range tops and other appliances.  Our techs can also advise you what to do with your furnishings and personal items so they can begin cleaning.

Our Tools

We only use premium equipment – the best in the industry! And our techs know which tools to use to address specific odors and unique situations.  If you have minor smoke damage due to a smoldering fire, for instance, the job may only require minimal cleaning but extensive odor treatment.  Thermal fogging is a highly effective way to eliminate lingering odors, utilizing an ultra-purifying fog (4 microns) that can penetrate a wide variety of surfaces to break down and encapsulate the odor-causing particulates.  If needed, we can encapsulate a wall or all the walls in a building.

thermal fogger

In the event of a fire that requires drywall removal, we seal the frame. This prevents the embedded smoke odor from permeating once the new dry wall has been installed.  Our employees have the knowledge base to identify what’s needed in these intricate situations and handle it properly.


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