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Fischer Restoration relies on customer service and word of mouth.  We do not get leads directly from insurance companies; most of our jobs come from referrals from satisfied customers and not paid advertising. 

Below you can read many of our reviews and you will find several common themes: competence, professionalism, responsiveness, friendly, hard working, cleanly, experienced.  And what we are most proud of, empathy

Going through a water loss can be a complex and stressful situation, and our teams can put you at ease while you navigate this process.  Read more below:


"Thanks for the extremely competent service provided by David and Jonas – in fixing my house back up after flooding. They have been awesome – polite, timely, and really know what they are doing. I’d definitely recommend you all!"

-Deborah J.


I had a roof leak that caused drywall and carpet damage along with some nasty mold growth. My HOA hired Fischer to remove the mold and do the restoration services. John Laythe is who worked on the rebuild and has had to come by three days this week for the job. He was punctual each day and was also courteous of my cats in ensuring they couldn't escape through the front door or bedroom window. He finished making the necessary repairs and restoration today and I couldn't be happier! The quality of his work is solid and looks great! After mentioning some of the home improvement projects I am planning to work on, he made some suggestions on how to start these DIY projects along with where to get materials and what to use and what to avoid. That was completely out of the scope of his job but was very much appreciated!

-Mary W.


We are extremely happy with the work Christopher Maritz did at our home. The repairs look exceptional and he did not miss a single detail. He also completed the work extremely fast and was always on time and professional. Thank you Fischer Restoration for having him out here to do the repairs!

-Jordan & Vendela.


The employee that repainted my condo was named John A. Laythe and he did a fantastic job. Professional and friendly my condo has never looked better, and he was even kind enough to give me one of his paintbrushes when he heard I planned to go to the store to buy one. I highly recommend this company!

-Alex W.


I’ve happily used these guys for years, but when my 1912 era side sewer finally went out, backing up into my basement (yuk!) I was especially grateful for their professionalism and fast response helping with professional cleanup and replacing the line. Later, when a related issue neither of us knew about arose (another line that didn’t appear on official records) they came right out and fixed that at no charge! They explain everything, clean up after themselves, are courteous and friendly, and they know what they’re doing. I never even considered another contractor for this huge job because you don’t want to mess around with anything as important to daily life as a properly functioning sewer line!

-Mary B.


"I called Fischer Restoration on Christmas Day due to a toilet overflow from one of the rentals I manage. John Savin answered the call and was willing to go out and haul the wet carpet even on a holiday. He was kind and pleasant and gave me options on the cost of labor per hour on a holiday versus a non-holiday. The next day, John came promptly with Jim Medema. Jim explained what should be done to preserve the integrity of the property before they started. I gave an okay and by the end of the day, the feces-laden carpet was already loaded in their truck, as well as the wet foam carpet underlayment; the drywall was already cut to expose the frame and air dry the walls; bio-friendly chemicals were applied to get rid of odor-causing bacteria; and the 2-layer contaminated vinyl flooring"

-Mark C.


"We were most impressed with David and Zak, the young men who put us at ease after experiencing two flooded bathrooms in our home. They worked so very hard, were most courteous and took charge of the huge problems of water in our home the minute they arrived. We would hire them again but hope we don’t have to.:~) THANK YOU, DAVID AND ZAK"



"Jim Medema is one of the most professional, thorough and conscientious tradesman I have had the pleasure of using. He was actually hired by Property Managers Northwest and the Waterfront Landings Condo Assn. but he did everything he could to insure our comfort and satisfaction."



"We are very pleased to have Fisher Restoration taking care of replacing the molding and sliding doors for the closet in our home. The excellent work has been done and the closet looks beautiful!! Pat came to remove all damaged materials, and Christopher Maritz came to rebuild new frame and molding, and also to install new sliding doors. Both representatives showed a lot of care and concerns to accomplish this work neatly and beautifully. My daughter and I both are very pleased with Fisher Restoration, and our special appreciation to Pat and Christopher who completed this work. Thank you very much!

-Olga Solomatina


"The bathroom in my condo flooded and I was glad to have John Laythe work on the repairs. He was impressive, always on time, hard worker, kept me informed of what he was doing. John was very professional, yet friendly. It was obvious how much he enjoyed making things new again and took pride in his work. He definitely impressed me and Fischer should be glad they have him -- an asset to the company."

-Dalye B.


"Outstanding in every way! My heroes! Fischer was my first call, when I realized that my upstairs toilet had been overflowing for about 45 minutes. The water was coming through the ceiling on the downstairs floor. You cannot imagine my horror! The most wonderful man, Brett, came to my house at 9:30 PM on a Friday night, and did a thorough assessment of the water damage and installed massive dehumidifiers. He was SO knowledgeable, professional, kind, and reassuring. Two days later Brett came back with his co-worker, Ira. Brett and Ira were my knights in shining armor. Ira has been working in water damage and restoration for decades and he was a treasure trove of wisdom, knowledge, and expertise. I was so impressed with him. These two guys are worth their weight in gold. All of their abatement strategies worked, and the water damage (and the cost) was kept to a minimum. I could not be happier. They were honest, thorough, excellent communicators, and just wonderful humans. Thank you, Brett & Ira!! :-)"

-Jennifer W.


"Fischer Restoration was there for me when I needed them. Their employees, starting with Kristi and Nichole answering the phones were polite, timely and took care of my condo after a flood damaged a good portion of it. Keith and his team were outstanding. I can't say enough how professional they were in putting my place back to new again."

-Leslie H.


"Ira Gibbons and the rest of the team at Fischer Restoration are amazing! The condo above my unit flooded and the leak impacted our kitchen and dining room ceiling and walls. Fischer was there that day with fans and dehumidifier. Ira walked me through the entire process of assessing the damage, testing for lead, asbestos, determining the repairs and what to expect. He gave me daily updates, kindly and patiently dealt with my incessant questions and shared detailed status of their progress. Ira had our unit dried and ventilated with 5 days (our moisture levels were reading at 99 and described as catastrophic), he's that good! If you are in a moment of crisis and want someone informative, patient, kind and friendly then call Fischer!"

-Meredith E.


"Fisher Restoration repaired our walls from a water leak. Competent, Integrity & quality.Les Griffith & Gabriel Cool were exceptional people."

-Glenn C.


"Simply Fantastic.

I had a water leak and an agressive HOA president breathing down my neck.  Les came in, addressed the water damage and diffused the interpersonal tension that had been building.  The quality of the work, the ability to understand a complicated situation and handle it successfully is unprecedented with this type of project in my experience.  I will keep Fischer Restoration on speed dial for future problems and recommend them liberally to friends here and elsewhere.

Great job!!"

-Tim G.


"This has been the go-to company for my high rise for years. They are at their best showing up ASAP to do preventative work, so make use of that 24 hour line! I have not heard of any insurance resistance to their work- it seems to be generally considered an investment in minimizing long term costs.
They have a nice way of pulling off baseboards and drilling the air holes behind so as to minimize drywall patching later. Employees I have interacted with have been calm, present and experienced."

-Shaula M.


"Fischer Restoration is the only restoration to go to in any emergency. We experienced within the span of 1.5 years two absolute sewage plumbing nightmares in our rental house. Both times Fisher Restoration, special Thanks to Tom, for working through the night time all hours of the morning to make our living areas safe and sanitary. We have 3 kids and a large part of the lowest level of the house was covered in 4 inch of sewage, not the good kind, if there is any . My faith in Tom's ability and equipment is 1000%. He was also there for the emotional support of losing so many personal items due to bio contamination. He completed demolition and sanitation by working through the night. He was then back the next morning with his buddies Corbin and David, who then helped to finish final pressure washing, and shampooing the remaining carpet which didn't need to be cut out as it wasn't directly contaminated, but wanted to ensure we felt 100% confidence for our kids to return to their rooms in case of any cross contamination by the plumbers walking on that portion of the carpet. Btw, our rental agent used Fischer Plumbing the first incident and I wish they would have been the folks to come back out again, but as renters we didn't have control over that decision. Although I am so thankful beyond words that Tom and his crew were sent back out again. Thanks again Tom, Corbin and David. I wouldn't feel safe continuing to live in this house with our children if it wasn't for you guys. Prompt, respectful, empathetic, and diligent. I wish every profession service I work with had all these core values. You guys are simply the best."

-Debra D.


"My apartment was flooded while I was on vacation; floors, cabinets and drywall had to be removed. The Fischer team worked through the pandemic shutdown to complete the job of drying everything out so we could get the re-construction project started, thanks!"

-Ed B.


"My wife found a leak in the kitchen/dining room in our condo.  After a plumber come out and determined there was mold in the wall, he sent out Les and John with Fischer Restoration.  These guys were great!!  They came in assessed the problem quickly and efficiently.  After the HOA gave the approval on the estimate, these guys came in, cleared out all of the mold, which included some of out kitchen cabinets.  They were able to save out granite countertop as well.  After the work was done, we had to have a dehumidifier in the kitchen to dry out the wood framing.  Les and John took the time to come out and check on how the drying was progressing.  This is the first time my wife or I have experienced this type of a problem.  Les and John understood that and were able to answer all of our questions.  I'd recommend Fischer Restoration to anyone who needs any restoration work.  They are quick, efficient, and respectful of your time and family situations."

-Nathan H.


"By Far the best restoration company in Seattle. Brett and Ira have been very professional is dealing with residents, cleaning up after themselves and doing the job in a timely manor. "

-HH Facilities


"The Fischer team holds very high standards for integrity and workmanship. I worked for this company off and on between 2013-2014 and saw from the inside how each of their key team members put the customers at a very high priority. The nature of their work often brings them into peoples homes after they have experienced a traumatic loss of personal items. Because of this a lot of their efforts to go above and beyond go unnoticed. It can also get very hairy when an insurance company is trying to protect themselves. Of all the restoration companies in the area I would recommend Fischer Restoration to anyone needing their specialized set of services.

-Allegiance Home Inspection


"By Far the best restoration company in Seattle. Brett and Ira have been very professional is dealing with residents, cleaning up after themselves and doing the job in a timely manor. "

-HH Facilities