Asbestos Abatement


Prior to 1979, the vast majority of building materials had asbestos-containing materials that can be harmful to your health – particularly if you have respiratory conditions, as the asbestos fibers can become lodged in the lungs and cause lung damage.  It’s a health concern as well as a structural one, and especially relevant if you live in an older home.


Our technicians are trained to assess if asbestos abatement is needed. We take comprehensive samples and test them.  It’s required by law that we test and analyze key areas before we start removing them. If we find asbestos, we'll let you know that there’s a situation that we need to handle in a different fashion than usual. We'll then reach out to one of our trusted asbestos abatement partners.


Together, we’ll devise a strategy to effectively and efficiently address the impacted areas. There’s a definite process for removing some or all of the asbestos containing materials. It may only be the top layer of the floor or a few square feet of dry wall, for example, or the popcorn ceiling may need to be scraped clean. In the worst case scenario, it may be more extensive. That’s why we enlist the expertise of leading asbestos abatement firms in the Seattle area. We’ll take as long as we need to make sure the job is done right, in compliance with all industry regulations, and by taking all necessary precautions.  And we're always transparent with you every step of the way.


It is important to review your homeowners insurance policy early in the process because some policies may not cover asbestos abatement work.