snowy home in winter

How to Prepare Your Home for Winter

The weather outside isn’t frightful (yet), but winter is on its way. Do you know how to prepare your home? 

Getting your home ready for the colder months isn’t difficult, but it does take some diligence. We want to help start you off on the right track with this brief guide on how to prepare your home for winter and fall.

Start making your winter prep checklist and read on to learn more.

Check Your Roof and Gutters

You should always do a quick scan of your roof and gutters before winter starts. Winter in Seattle is prime time for icy rain and occasional snowfall, meaning that you want your roof and gutters to be in tip-top condition before the season gets underway.

Start by looking for cracked or missing roof shingles. Always check around the chimney where leaks are more likely. 

Look for any debris wedged between roof shingles and then move onto the gutters. You want to remove any leaves, pine needles, or other organic material from the gutters while they’re still dry. 

Taking care of your roof and gutters before winter starts will help you prevent water damage and mold. 

Turn Off Outdoor Plumbing

Winter brings freezing and sub-freezing temperatures to the pacific northwest. That means that it’s time to turn off the faucets to your garden hoses and turn off your sprinklers. 

When you leave your outdoor plumbing active during the winter, you risk your pipes bursting. This can create serious problems with flooding and winter home damage.

If you plan on going away for a holiday, you should also turn off your indoor plumbing until you return. 

Inspect Your Fireplace

Do you love sitting in front of a warm and toasty fireplace during the cold months? Make sure that you inspect your fireplace first!

Make sure that it’s clean and that there’s nothing blocking the flue or chimney. Look for any missing bricks or unusual damage. It’s worthwhile to hire a professional for the job. 

Fireplaces that aren’t winter-ready could lead to poor air quality and potential fire hazards. Don’t let a faulty fireplace ruin your festivities.

Mulch Your Leaves

Is your yard full of leaves? Don’t just bag them and throw them away! You don’t want to waste all of that plastic.

Instead, mulch your leaves this season. You can do it with a lawnmower (and it will likely be your lawnmower’s last task before next spring). After you have mulched leaves, you can use them for compost so you can fertilize your garden when it gets warm again.

Prepare Your Home for Winter and Fall With These Tips

Don’t forget to prepare your home for winter and fall before it gets too cold! Protect your home from winter weather with ease by following these tips. 

Do you need mold or fire remediation before the weather gets frosty? Our experienced technicians want to help. Contact us today to learn about what we can do for you.