Smoke Damage In Seattle Home

Get Professional Help for Smoke Damage in Seattle

In 2020, the Seattle Fire Department responded to 80,316 calls for help. Of those incidents, 22% were due to fires.

Imagine the insurance claims for smoke damage repair!!

Victims of residential fires may feel like they can take care of smoke-damaged walls and furniture on their own. After all, doesn’t a little bleach and some elbow grease fix just about anything?

The truth is repairing smoke damage in Seattle is a job for professionals. In this post, we explain why.

Smoke Damage Repair Is a Time-Sensitive Process

You must take immediate steps to minimize the damage caused by smoke.

For example, after 48 hours of exposure to smoke, water-logged walls and furniture already have mold developing. Professional smoke damage service techs can stop the spread with quality ventilation devices such as a whole-home smoke damage dehumidifier.

Another reason time is of the essence is that you won’t be able to cool or heat your home. Using the air conditioner, heater, and other electronics such as the TV and computers could create more damage to your home.

Professional Smoke Damage Repair Is Cost-Effective

You should call a smoke damage expert in Seattle because repairing smoke damage can be costly if done incorrectly.

Smoke, soot, and other residues permeate porous surfaces like walls. This means traditional paint isn’t effective in hiding the smoke damage, even if you apply multiple coats. Most DIYers aren’t aware of this issue and may waste resources and time in their attempt to cover up the damage.

A common DIY error is replacing smoke-damaged floors by installing new flooring over them without first repairing the subfloor. This mistake could result in an even bigger future repair expense.

The bottom line is that smoke damage repair can be a costly and lengthy process if not done properly. A professional specializes in smoke-damage restoration for a good reason – they’ve seen it all before!

Professionals Bring the Right Tools and Equipment

Cleaning up and repairing smoke damage in Seattle homes requires specialized tools and equipment. For example, a dehumidifier is necessary to remove excess moisture from water-logged walls to prevent mold development underneath wallpaper or paint.

Professionals also bring industrial-grade cleaning products and equipment to wash away soot residue — most homeowners don’t have these things lying around the house.

Lastly, a smoke damage repair specialist will have the experience needed for returning items such as furniture back to their original condition.

Smoke-Damaged Carpets Need TLC

One area that homeowners often forget to check for smoke damage is carpeting. It’s easy to overlook something typically hidden under furniture.

Carpets absorb soot just as much as any surface in your home! That means there could be unseen smoke damage present underneath the surface.

Professional carpet cleaners know how to handle smoke-damaged carpeting. They also know how to determine whether the carpet is even salvagable.

Get Rid of That Smoky Smell

Smoke and soot contain caustic chemicals and carry a pungent odor. Getting rid of the smoky stench is a challenge without professional help. Indeed, you may do more harm than good by attempting DIY smoke damage repair. 

If you live in Seattle, smoke damage experts like the team here at Fischer Restoration can save you time and money. Contact us today and let us help rid your home of that smoky smell and restore its original beauty.