Man Collecting Water In Bucket From Ceiling.

5 Common Signs of Water Damage

Water damage costs homeowners over $13 billion each year in the United States. Are you one of the 14,000 Americans per day encountering water damage in your home or at work?

Water can be more detrimental than just surface level damage. The water can damage the structural components of your house, or ruin your most prized possessions.

If you're seeing any signs of water damage, you need to hire a water damage repair service right away! Keep reading to learn the signs so you know when to call.

1. Smell of Mold

If you begin to smell a scent similar to a damp pool towel left out too long, you most likely have mold. You may also feel like the room is more humid than usual.

To remove the smell of mold, you'll need to find the source of the problem - the water damage.

2. Wall Damage

Wall damage due to water can cause many different effects. You may notice moisture, stained walls, or a bubbling or peeling effect. The color of your walls may begin to change and they may feel soft to the touch.

Water damage restoration is immediately necessary if you notice this type of damage to your walls. If you leave the water, it can create structural damage and cracks may begin to form.

3. Warped Flooring

If you have water damage in your house beneath your floors, your floors will begin to warp. They will be uneven or buckle. Some will rise and crack, creating a floor that is dangerous to walk on.

4. Visible Water

This may be obvious, but if you see visible water in your house it is time to call for water damage repair services. Once there is visible water, it only takes about 24 hours for mold to form. Removing the water when it first leaks is key to preventing further damage.

If you feel any humidity in your house, you may have a puddle of water hiding. Check hidden areas, especially those near the kitchen or bathroom for signs of leaking.

5. High Water Bill

If you are experiencing a new spike in your water bill, this isn't something to ignore. You should look into this promptly to ensure that leaks aren't the cause.

Leaks commonly come from the toilet, main water supply, out of a sink, or even your hot water tank. If you're struggling to find the leak, it's best to call a professional to investigate the situation for you.

Get Water Damage Repair Services Now

If you're seeing signs of water damage in your home or at the workplace, do not wait to solve the issue!

We want to help you with your water damage repair before it's too late! Call us today to get the water damage repair services that you need!