child's bedroom with functional storage

5 Functional Storage Ideas for Kids’ Bedrooms

When you hear the words functional and kid’s bedroom together, it should make you perk up your ears. Can these two topics go together?

We give a resounding yes!

If you’re like most parents, you dread going into your kid’s bedroom. You never know what you’ll find, or you do know and it scares you.

Don’t let the piles of toys, craft projects, and, yes, clothes frustrate you. 

You can help your children be more organized and we’ll show you how. Take a look at our five great functional storage ideas for the kid’s bedrooms.

1. A Place for Books

Kids and books go together like pancakes and syrup. You love them both, but they can get messy.

How do you deal with the book pile-up on the floor? 

Book rail shelves work wonders in bedrooms where space is a commodity. This type of shelving stores books facing forward, making reading material more accessible.

The bonus? Rail shelves grow with your kids. When they leave the nest, you can convert the shelving to hold your small book collection.

2. Floating Wall Shelves

When was the last time your child fussed about cleaning up their toy cars and trucks? Probably this morning, right?

Consider this unique shelving idea if your child seems to have more little cars than they do space to store them.

Create custom-sized floating wall mount display shelves from 1/4″ acrylic. You get a fun modern kid’s room look and an adorable yet practical storage/display solution for small toys.

While you can purchase the shelves ready-made, you can also make this a fun DIY project.

3. Cube It

Remember when you were in college and used milk crates for storage? They were the ultimate in economical storage solutions. 

Cubed storage has come a long way since the days of the humble milk crate. 

Cubes can be stacked, slid into a shelving unit, stored under the bed, or hung on the wall. You can buy them plain and finish yourself, or you can shop the multitude of colors and styles.

Storing children’s toys and other belongings couldn’t be any more fun!

4. There Is Nothing Under the Bed

What do your kids do when you ask them to clean their room?

Most children shovel everything under the bed, then they give you an innocent look while claiming that they’ve put all the toys away.

Instead of enticing your kids to cram everything where they think no one will see it, why not utilize that vast flat space for storage?

Rollaway drawers make a fun and functional bedroom storage solution. You could also go simple and use clear plastic bins.

Parents love under-bed storage because it opens up precious space in bedrooms without breaking the bank.

5. Functional Storage Ideas for Roommates

If your kids share a bedroom, multi-functional furniture is essential. Toy chests aren’t only for toys, and shelves aren’t only for books.

Perhaps you’ll remodel the room entirely, but for now, storage options should help.

Transform a toy chest into a seating area by topping it with a fun colorful cushion, or use the lid as a play table, adding kid-sized chairs with small storage compartments.

Consider turning a wall unit into a multi-functional piece to house books, clothing, and collections. You can even create a desk area for each child.

Need More Kids’ Room Storage Ideas?

Now that you have a few functional storage ideas for the kid’s bedroom, it’s time to take action. And start planning those new kid-friendly storage spaces.

Our team would love to help you design your new space. Contact us today, and let’s get your project started.