water damage faq


1. Can’t I just take care of this myself?

There are many people who either love the satisfaction of doing-it-yourself, or are in a position to cut expenses wherever possible. For the untrained first-timer, there is little time for overcoming mistakes that will more frequently end up costing more money in the end. The most difficult problem for a novice is figuring out what is wet and what is dry. Without specialized tools, many materials may look or feel dry, but are actually saturated. For example, a carpet may be dry on the surface, while the carpet pad below may be too wet. If not dried or removed in time, the carpet pad will soon give off a powerful odor.

2. How long does it take for mold to form after a flood?

It depends on what kind of material has been affected. For instance, carpet has a very short period of about two days before carpet pad needs to be removed. Drywall on the other hand usually takes about a week to establish. It is important to keep in mind that the drying process may take several days. Waiting may not give you enough time to dry a specific material within the time allotted.

3. How long does it take to dry a home?

Some vendors make the promise to be done drying within three days. This is a very unrealistic approach due to the fact that every home and situation is different. It is frequently possible to dry a home in three days, but this is dependent upon very specific conditions, such as:

1. Time of material exposure to moisture

2. The amount of water.

3. The condition of the flooded material.

4. The location of the flood (such as multiple stories).

5. Constraints (such as available power and security of the home).

At Fischer Restoration, we take the approach of making sure the job done right rather than adhering to a “cookie-cutter” formula that will not fit every situation.

4. How big will my power bill be?

In the Pacific Northwest, we are pretty fortunate to have access to fairly cheap power. In most cases, the typical electricity cost is only three to five dollars a day.

5. My insurance company wants me to use one of their approved contractors. Will this be a problem if I don’t use their contractor?

It is your right to be able to choose your contractor. At Fischer, we use the same billing processes and standards as most insurance companies and are accustomed to working with your company to reach an agreement.


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